Wayzgoose 2011


This weekend we participated in the 10th annual Wayzgoose event at the School of Visual Concepts.

SVC is a great school with relevant classes on web topics, digital media, advertising, etc., as well as a full print shop, offering letterpress classes each quarter. (The best of both worlds, I'd say!) SVC is also the host of the Seattle Wayzgoose, and has been for 10 years! (For general Wayzgoose info/history, check out our previous blog post.)

I took a letterpress class at SVC the first fall we lived in Seattle, and I loved it. The teachers are amazing, and it's a really great way to figure out if letterpress is for you. (That class inspired me to quit the job I hated and pursue Constellation full time. And if you're wondering: Best decision ever.)


We were honored to have a table at the Marketplace, which was filled with designers and printers that we love and admire. It was wonderful to reconnect with old friends, teachers, mentors, and meet some great new letterpress-y friends. Printers tend to be solitary people, but when we get together we know how to have fun!

Here are "shout outs" (do people still say that?) to some of our favorite fellow marketplacers: Stern & Faye, Myrtle Alley Press, Anagram Press, Physical Fiction, and Beautiful Angle.


After the big Urban Craft Uprising push, we didn't need to produce any new products for Wayzgoose - which made the week before the event virtually stress-free. (A nice change from last year, which was completely manic beforehand!) Every time we set up a table, it comes out differently - like the cards and things have a mind of their own! I tend to move things around an inch or two for awhile until i'm pleased with the arrangement.


It's also always nice to hear positive feedback from our customers. We met so many lovely people at the event, and are so thankful to get to sell our things to so many kind folks! We really are humbled and thankful to get to do this for a living. We are blessed! Thanks to everyone who came by our table - we're thankful for you!


Wayzgoose is such a fun event - I wish we could participate AND attend. I found myself wanted to be everywhere at once! Make sure to become a fan on the SVC Letterpress Wayzgoose Facebook page to get all the info for next year's extravaganza! For more photos of the Steamroller Smackdown and misc. fun, check out the SVC Letterpress Flickr pool.