Vintage Finds: Eyeglass Frames


These fabulous eyeglass frames came in the mail from Brad's grandparents' home in Michigan. His grandmother likely wore them in the 50's.

I'm not nearly hipster enough to wear them, but they are so charming and have won a place in our home. I really like things that are instant collections - perhaps i'll frame them in a column like this and enjoy them on the wall.

We've got a soft spot for all things vintage. We've been searching and collecting more and more lately, and we've decided to share our finds with you! This "Vintage Finds" series will feature photos and info on the best things we pick up.

These are a few of our favorite resources online and in Seattle:

Garage sales & estate sales are one of our favorite Saturday morning dates. We use and craigslist to find options, and we typically pick the ones that list antiques or vintage items. We don't buy a lot of furniture (we're currently in a tiny apartment and a tiny studio), but pick up a lot of small items for props & inspiration.

Antique stores are hit or miss. Our favorites tend to have lots of paper goods and low prices. Two of the best are near our studio in Pioneer Square: Seattle Antiques Market is huge, is always getting new things in, and has great prices. Fairlook Antiques has more paper and photos than you can possible look through in one visit.

Salvage shops are fun for big pieces. We're strapped for space, so we don't tend to buy a lot at them. However, they're super fun for inspiration and you can find some really unusual items if you're willing to keep coming back. The two we have in Seattle (that I know of) are Earthwise and Second Use, and they're both great.

If you've got favorite spots, let us know! We're always looking for new ideas.

Also, if you're looking for a specific vintage item, let us know! We're considering adding some vintage items to our etsy store & physical store and would be happy to keep an eye out for what you're after.

Lastly: If you haven't already, make sure to check out American Pickers. It is so fun to see the places they visit and the things they find. It totally inspires us to get out and "pick" as well.