Recently I helped a friend send out wedding invitations for her sister. Her husband did the design as a gift, we did the printing, and my friend (as maid of honor) took on the task of addressing and sending out the invitations. We took a trip to the post office to pick up stamps, and found that the options were dismal.

Stops at 3 post offices revealed that Evergreens are nearly the only thing kept in stock in the Pacific Northwest. This outing also brought back memories of our own wedding invite stamp dilemma - we sent postcards for save the dates and response cards, and the only postcard stamps we could find were polar bears. Polar bears just didn't match our theme.

We carefully craft each element of the wedding invitations we design & print. Paper, envelopes, ink colors, string, etc., are all chosen with unity in mind. However, when we hand off the finished pieces (typically wrapped in brown paper and tied with coordinating ribbon or string), we're leaving stamp choice up to the couple. And until now, we hadn't really thought about it.

If you've had the same stamp woes, don't be daunted by the depressing options at your local post office. If you're not interested in the traditional rings, roses, or cake, fear not! Here's the good stuff.


Love: King and Queen of Hearts, available online and in some post office locations. (Call ahead to check if your post office carries this option.) Also from the USPS, check out these fun options: Celebrate!, Garden of Love, and Herbs


Recently we discovered Champion Stamp, an online shop based in NYC that sells uncancelled vintage stamps. These stamps have never gone through the mail, so can still be used as valid US postage. If you can't find a modern stamp option to suit your correspondance, why not group several vintage stamps together? This is especially effective for postcards, since they require so much less postage. We placed a stamp order a few weeks ago (we've got exciting things planned for them), and photographed some of our favorite combinations & ideas.

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Color Combinations