I'm Finally Pinterested.


Somehow I missed finding out about Pinterest until recently. (I suppose I knew it existed, but was avoiding what could be a potential time bandit.) Since signing up, i've definitely lost hours to pinning and searching for things to pin - but they've been really enjoyable, inspirational hours.

It's a great tool for aggregating the cream of the crop from my large list of online inspiration tools. (To name a few: Google Reader, Svpply, shared links on Twitter, etc.) And now that they've launched an iPhone app, (just in time, as I mentioned a desire for one just a few days prior to the announcement!) I can pin things that I see in the "real world" as well. (A few examples: products seen in stores, images/type from books, signage, etc.) Here's where you can find my pinboards - I hope you enjoy browsing them as much as i'm enjoying putting them together!

Here are a few items from across my various pinboards, brought together by the color of sunshine (which has just started showing its face in Seattle).