#Instagram on May 13, 2016 at 06:02PM

This is the progress we made today. To me, this picture represents a massive victory. Last night I had one of the worst panic attacks I've ever experienced. The mixture of cross-country travel, business logistics, an unexpected conflict and the high stakes of a major trade show hit me and I spent significant time on the hotel bathroom floor. This morning I literally said out loud to myself: "You will stop puking. You will leave the bathroom. You will leave the hotel. You WILL set up for the show." I share all this because real talk is needed. I struggle with anxiety in a real way. With counseling and self-care, I'm fine 90% of the time. But high stress situations can be really hard. So I'm feeling accomplished tonight. Not just because I set up a new tradeshow booth for the first time, but also because I kicked the anxiety monster in the face. I rallied, I got started, and I feel hopeful and excited tonight. So if you've got anxiety monster on your back tonight, I believe in you. You're not weak for struggling. AND you're strong enough to keep going. All day I thought "the only way to be done with anxiety is to go through it." Keep walking, friend. {I'm also SO thankful for Brad, my mother in law Gail, my sister & brother in law Robyn & Alex, my dad's pep talk, texts and tweets from my family and my Sounders family...we get through this stuff together.} #nss2016

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