C&Co10: Patience & Celebration


When I was in design school, I was obsessed with design books and magazines. I sat on the floors of bookstores for hours, leafing through each page, soaking in the visuals and the names of each designer. Those were the people who I saw as successful. They were truly "famous" in my eyes. They'd really made something of their career.

This beautiful Ladies of Letterpress book isn't new. (Though, if you haven't seen it, you really should go pick up a copy! It's incredible.) I already knew that my work was in this book. In fact, I own a copy that sits on my own bookshelf. I see it all the time. I don't really think about it.

On one particular night a few weeks ago, I arrived early to meet a friend and wandered into the art supply store next door. I'd been feeling pretty blah about my career and my accomplishments that week. I walked up to the book section, reliving that college part of my life and hoping for a little inspiration. I spotted this book on the shelf, reached for it, and leafed through. My fingers flipped to this page, and my eyes came to rest on my own name.

I don't often feel successful. I focus on all the ways I've fallen short of my expectations, and I run down the long list of things I still want to do. But on this night, I took a moment to recognize how far I've come. 10 years ago, I was hungry for recognition like this. 10 years ago, this was on my bucket list of accomplishments in the world of design. I tend to skip through celebrating things like this, occasions and accomplishments that childhood or college me would have geeked out over. I hit fast forward on these things, because I'm afraid to slow down enough to celebrate the wins. I'm afraid that if I slow down and take that moment to feel happy, the next win won't come. And that's just silly.

For today, the list of things I've learned is short:

  1. Be patient with yourself. It takes time to get those big wins you've been working toward.

  2. When you get there, take a little victory lap. There's time for that. Don't let fear chase you away from celebrating.

What's something you've accomplished that college-aged you would have been so excited about? Let's celebrate together!

In case you want to check out the book, here's a link. I don't get anything from sharing it, but the ladies who put it together are very deserving of our support!

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