Wood Engraving & Letterpress Printing

Hi, I'm Sara! I'm a greeting card designer, letterpress printer and stationery shop owner. First and foremost, I love snail mail! In this video, I'm finishing up the wood engraving I started in a recent video, and pulling proofs on two of my antique printing presses. After completing the image part of the engraving, I use a Dremel tool to clear out the background so it won't pick up ink when I print it. This printing block is a Resingrave block made of epoxy resin from McClain's Printmaking Supplies. I use my iron handpress (made between 1895 & 1911) to pull a "proof" of the image. When I've got the engraving done to my satisfaction, I transfer the block to my Chandler & Price platen press (circa 1921) to print the run.

I'm tired this week. Tired of a million things. Tired of the sound of my own voice. So please indulge me this quiet few minutes with contemplative music. If you have any questions about the process, ask them in the comments!

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