Snail Mail & Soccer

Hi, I'm Sara! I'm a greeting card designer, letterpress printer and stationery shop owner. First and foremost, I love snail mail! In this video, I'm taking the show on the road to show you a few things I love as much as snail mail: Seattle and our Sounders FC. The friends I've met through soccer are some of the dearest friends I have - and they're also many of the people who send me snail mail! So I decided to ask them about snail mail in the place that brought us together.

In preparation from my upcoming New York trip, I used today's soccer match as an opportunity to film a practice "travel vlog" in my own beautiful city. (The Indiegogo to get me to NYC and the National Stationery Show is 80% funded!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their belief in me in such a tangible way. I'm forever grateful.) One of the things I've loved the most about filming all of my videos is the way they illuminate the beautiful and fun things in my life. If I don't see them as interesting, why make videos about them? Filming, editing, writing, and watching my videos back has given me a new appreciation for my little slice of the world. Today's video is no exception.

Thanks to Mr. Snail Mail Superstar, Beth, Lisa, Kelly, and Emily for sharing your thoughts and agreeing to be in this video!

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