The Music of the Mail: Songs about correspondence and what we can learn from them


I like making playlists. I have a playlist for soccer match days, a playlist for dance parties with my son, and a playlist for days I'm feeling blue and need to cheer up. Music helps get me hyped up for the task at hand. It's only fitting that I should have a playlist for writing letters and sending mail. With this in mind, I set off on a several days' rabbit hole of collecting songs about correspondence. There were a few classic snail mail songs I knew had to be on there - Please Mr. Postman, Signed Sealed Delivered, Return to Sender, etc. While doing some keyword searches on Spotify, I was reminded of many amazing tracks by artists I love that reference to sending mail. I also discovered a ton of great songs I'd never heard. I ended up choosing 54 of my favorite discoveries and sharing them on a Spotify playlist. You can listen to it here! It's been a popular soundtrack in my brick & mortar shop for the past few weeks.

I'll be choosing a few of the most poignant songs and sharing them here with links, lyrics, and my thoughts on what they can teach us about being our best snail mail superstar selves. Stay tuned for those posts - I'll be sharing one per week in April. 

And if you have a favorite correspondence themed song that's not on my list, please comment and share it with me! I'd love to expand the playlist to include everyone's favorites.