I Send Cards Because:

A doodle from my sketchbook - Black Tombow Dual Brush Marker and watercolor

I like the way it makes me feel.
It makes the receiver feel special.
It’s hard to say certain things in person.
I’m really busy and can’t always hang out, but I always have time to send a little card.
Writing by hand is soothing.
It helps me articulate my feelings.
It’s more personal than a text.
I can include little gifts.
It builds stronger relationships.
It shows support in hard times.
It supports artists and small businesses.
I make cards for a living, so I kinda have to. ;)
It’s cheaper than shipping a box.
Paper is fun and addictive.
Using my fountain pen makes sending my correspondence feel really fancy.
It’s retro in a good way.
It’s romantic and nostalgic.
Sending cards spreads love! #sendcardsspreadlove