April is National Card & Letter Writing Month!


I'm going all in on National Card & Letter Writing Month this year. It's the perfect time to pen some words of friendship and love and brighten the mailboxes of my friends and family. I pulled out my box of correspondence today and was flooded with good memories and happy feelings. Weddings, baby showers, thank you's, apologies, holidays, you can do it's, I miss you's, hellos... so many beautiful words from so many beautiful people. I'm so grateful for these physical manifestations of love, and I'm excited to send some of my own this month. 

I'll be joining our friends at Pretty By Post in the #sendcardsspreadlove letter writing challenge, challenging you to send at least 4 cards/letters in April. (I'll be trying to send one every day, because I'm super backlogged on sending mail and apparently I can't do anything in moderation.)

I'll be using the hashtags #write_on and #sendcardsspreadlove on Instagram and Twitter. I'll be keeping you updated on my daily card & letter writing adventures, and I'll be doing some giveaways too! Join me and share some snail mail love with the people in your life!